An extensive eye examinations are performed, that which ensures that the patient is seeing with the best vision and also thoroughly asses his/her eye health and ocular co-ordination.

Vision testing is carried out with a high tech computerized equipment to assess the refractive error of the eyes.
Advanced equipment are used to test the complete visual system in order to arrive at the correct prescription of each patient.

To maintain a good eye health, we employ the latest in diagnostic instrumentation from powerful slit-lamp biomicroscopes, the latest in eye pressure measurement instruments (Non-Contact Tonometer), Fundus Camera to see

 the inside of the eyes, Computerized Visual Field (Glaucoma testing devices).
Routine preventative eye examinations are your best way in maintaining good eye health.


Treatment of Eye Diseases

All of our optometrists are therapeutically licensed to the fullest extent available in. as such, we have the expertise to treat most external diseases of the eye such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), iritis, ocular allergies and inflammations. In addition, our doctors diagnose and treat most types of glaucoma cases.

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